Educators Certification Program

Defined STEM Educators Certification Program

At Defined STEM, we believe that real-world project-based learning is essential for helping students build the critical 21st-century skills they need to succeed in college, careers, and life. The Defined STEM certification is designed to encourage the use of meaningful real-world performance tasks that drive student outcomes.

Certification is awarded to educators who demonstrate excellence in implementing real-world performance tasks that enhance the teaching and learning in the classroom.

Teachers who meet the certification requirements will receive a digital badge and a certificate of achievement.

Become a Defined STEM Certified Educator:

  1. After your students complete a Defined STEM performance task, click here for the certification form
  2. Look for an email from Defined Learning confirming your submission
  3. Your submission will be evaluated by our educational staff and if approved you will be awarded your credentials

We hope you enjoy your Defined STEM experience and are as passionate about engaging students in real-world project-based learning as we are!