Smarter Balanced Assessment & PARCC Assessment

PARCC & Smarter Balanced Assessments

Defined STEM will continue to be the leader in creating real-world relevance for the classroom. A large part of our development focus is structured around the PARCC Assessment & Smarter Balanced Assesment. Each focus on assessing college and career readiness. Defined STEM's performance tasks and literacy tasks are a perfect fit to help prepare your school or district for these assessments.

PARCC Assessment

By applying learned concepts in a real-world scenario in Defined STEM, students are preparing themselves for college and careers.

State leaders in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness of College and Careers share one fundamental goal: building their collective capacity to dramatically increase the rates at which students graduate from high school prepared for success in college and the workplace

Smarter Balanced Assessment

The Smarter Balanced Assessment performance tasks mirror the goals of Defined STEM. Within Defined STEM, you will find hundreds of performance task and product combinations across a multitude of different careers and themes to challenge your students and prepare them for the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Performance tasks challenge students to apply their knowledge and skills to respond to complex real-world problems. They can best be described as collections of questions and activities that are coherently connected to a single theme or scenario. These activities are meant to measure capacities such as depth of understanding, writing and research skills, and complex analysis, which cannot be adequately assessed with traditional assessment questions. The performance tasks will be taken on a computer (but will not be computer adaptive) and will take one to two class periods to complete.

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