Professional Development

Defined STEM Professional Development

Defined STEM Certified Educator Program

The Defined STEM Certification Program is a three-phase professional development course designed for educators who will serve as lead facilitators of Defined STEM in their school and/or school system.

By joining this program, participants will:

  • Analyze & assess critical aspects of inquiry and project based learning to identify valuable planning, instruction and assessment strategies
  • Develop the knowledge and resources needed to effectively integrate Defined STEM into their curriculum
  • Identify performance tasks and resources that align with school/district curriculum

The Defined STEM certified educator badge is awarded to educators who complete all three phases of this course and have demonstrated purposeful use of Defined STEM tasks to enhance the teaching and learning process in the classroom.

Program Specifics

The Defined STEM certified educator program follows the “train-the-trainer” model of professional learning and includes three phases:

  1. Professional Learning and Facilitator Session. This one day onsite workshop provides educators with an overview of Defined STEMs philosophy. Participants will see the connection between Defined STEM and their curriculum and district goals. At the end of phase one, participants will identify a performance task and resources that they will use in their classroom.

  2. Classroom Activity and Reflection. Participants will complete a Defined STEM performance task in their classroom. Upon completion of this process, participants will submit the following: 1.) a lesson plan which shows how Defined STEM was embedded within a unit of study, 2.) a link to the customized version of the task, and 3.) a completed survey and personal reflections. Defined STEM will provide a rubric and a portfolio with templates for these requirements.

  3. Submission and Evaluation. The portfolio will be submitted to Defined STEM for evaluation. Portfolios will either be “Accepted for Certification” or “Revisions Needed”. Once accepted the participant will receive a certificate and badge citing completion of the process.

Time Commitment

Phase one of the program (onsite training) will last approximately 5 hours. Part two is estimated to take between 90-120 minutes outside of classroom time. Participants are expected to complete all three phases and submit their portfolio within 10 weeks.

Cost: $2500/day Cohort Size: Maximum of 30 people